Dark Mode Rolling Out On Bing Search & Bing Chat

Bing Robot In Black Cloak

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Here is the setting:

And here is what it looks like in Bing Search:

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As we expected, Bing Chat and Bing Search both now support dark mode. There is a new “dark” setting under the “appearance” section of the settings menu at the top right of the page to turn it on or off.

Bing Dark Mode Setting

As we reported a week ago and then before that, back in mid-May, we knew Microsoft was working on bringing dark mode to Bing for some time. It is now finally rolling out.

Here is what it looks like in Bing Chat:

Jordi Ribas from Microsoft posted about it on Twitter yesterday, he wrote, “We are starting to roll out desktop dark mode for Bing over the next few days. We heard the requests for dark mode and are excited for everyone to experience this feature in Bing Search and Chat.”

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If you do not see it yet, you should soon, so check back later…