Google Business Profiles Appointment Link Now In Booking Section

In February, Google removed the appointment link, we thought it was a bug, and it might have been. Maybe it was related to this upcoming change?

Darren Shaw first notified me of this change on Twitter saying, “The appointment link is no longer editable in the Edit Profile section of the Google Business Profile. It has been moved to Bookings, and it now allows you to add unlimited links, as well as set a PREFERRED link.”

Google has moved the way to add an appointment link in your Google Business Profile. It use to be within the edit profile section and is now available in the main “Booking” section.

Woman Taking Reservation Google Logo

Google Business Profile Bookings Dash

Then it loads this screen where you can click on the “Links to your online booking tools” to add your links:

Google Business Profile Bookings

Forum discussion at Twitter.


Here is a screenshot on the “booking” section from searching for your business name: