Google FAQ Rich Results Only Displayed For Authoritative Sites

Google Robot In Class Upset

A month ago, Google told us that FAQ rich results in the Google search results will be shown for only authoritative sites but we waited over a month and nothing changed. That was until yesterday when FAQs in the Google search results are now barely showing up in the search results anymore.

If you look at the tracking tools, they show a huge drop in how often the FAQ rich results are showing in the Google search results. Here are some screenshots:


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Here are examples:

As a reminder, Google said that FAQ-rich results will “only be shown for well-known, authoritative government and health websites” in the Google search results.

What about the other sites? Google said it may be shown but Google added it will “no longer be shown regularly” for all other sites.

How do you get your site to show these? Well, Google said, “sites may automatically be considered for this treatment depending on their eligibility,” so there is not much you can do but try to improve your site.

Here is an example of an “authoritative site” that still has FAQs:

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