Google Search Generative Experience AI-Generated Answers Now Can Show Videos

Google also confirmed it added links to the AI-generated answer saying, “To help you better understand how recent the information is from these web pages, we recently added publish dates to each link. And we’re continuing to experiment with new, easier ways for people to find web pages that support information in AI overviews.”

To be clear, these videos are not generated by AI – they are normal videos Google finds on YouTube and the web, which they just embed in these AI answer box.

Google is also adding videos to its Search Generative Experience AI-generated answer section. So now when Google thinks a video is helpful to answer the question, Google may embed a playable video directly in the answer.

Plus, Google is still working on making those AI answers faster, even after cutting down the wait by half.

Oh and yea, Google did have images in these answers but never embedded videos until now.

Here is what it looks like, since it might not be rolled out by today for all (click to enlarge):

Robot In Movies Popular Google Logo

Google Sge Videos Small

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Google, in its announcement, wrote, “And over the next week, you’ll begin to see videos within some overviews where it’s helpful to see something in motion, such as a demonstration of a yoga pose, or how to get stains out of marble.”