Local SEOs Reporting Google Business Profile Emails Not Being Received

Frustrated At Computer Woman

Some local SEOs are reporting that they are not receiving emails from Google Business Profiles. They are not getting notified via email when they are being added to a Google Business Profile to access that profile, they are not getting notices like suspensions or review emails and so forth.

I am not sure if this is a super widespread issue, an issue with Google or an issue with some folks spam filters. But a number of local SEOs are complaining about this issue on X.

Vinay Toshniwal posted last week on X saying, “Reporting a bug. If someone grants access, emails aren’t being received. Additionally, emails regarding suspensions are also not coming through. In general, I think emails from GBP are not being received.”

A number of local SEOs confirmed the same issue:

Have any of you noticed this issue?

Update: I am told this is now resolved.

Forum discussion at X.